Multi-modal Project Management (MPMS) Public Home Page
Multi-modal Project Management System (MPMS) Public Website is an inventory of projects used to provide access to project details such as project description, milestones, legislative and funding information. Transportation projects include all transportation modes: highway, bridges, aviation, rail freight, public transit as well as other transportation initiatives. Within this site, you will be able to search for a project(s) using various criteria such as location, project identification number, transportation mode, etc. If searching by either the Twelve Year Program or Transportation Improvement Program, the search results will include project phases that are to be worked on within the program timeframe. If searching by other criterion, the results will also show projects in various stages of the project. The status provided will tell you whether the project is active, a candidate or on a program. See the help documentation for the definition of each status.
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What is a TYP - Twelve Year Program?
Act 120 of 1970, as amended, requires PENNDOT to prepare and submit to the State Transportation Commission every two years a program of transportation improvements that PENNDOT recommends to be undertaken during the next twelve years. Projects included in this biennial program comprise the TYP or Twelve Year Program. With the policy direction of the State Transportation Commission, the Twelve Year Program is developed to address the transportation concerns of the Commonwealth. Input is solicited from the public and interested parties through regional hearings.
What is a TIP - Transportation Improvement Plan
Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century of 1998 requires the development of long range plans and transportation improvement programs by Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Additionally, PENNDOT has voluntarily established a rural transportation planning program developed with Pennsylvania's existing Rural Planning Organizations(RPOS) and independent counties. Together with PENNDOT, these urban and rural organizations help to prioritize the projects that comprise the State Transportation Improvement Program and the Twelve Year Program.