MPMS Public Site Help
Within the MPMS Public site you will have the option to search for a project, regardless of the status of the project, or by a Twelve-Year Program (TYP) or a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
Basic Search
The basic search can be used to search for a project(s) that has the status of the following:
Active - state funding has been used within the life of the project.
Candidate - she project has all the required information to make it eligible to be added to a TYP or TIP.
Programmed - The project is attached to a current TYP/TIP.
Within this searching feature, you can search by the following criteria:
  • Airport
  • County
  • District
  • Planning Partner
  • Project ID
  • Project Manager*
  • Project Status
  • Project Title*
  • Public Transit Grantee
  • Rail Freight Applicant
  • Route
  • Sponsor*
  • Transportation Mode
*Wildcard Search - within this field you can enter any part of the information to start a search. For example, if you choose to search by Project Title and enter the word "spring", all results containing "spring" within the project title will be displayed regardless if it is in the beginning, middle or end of the title.
To start a basic search, click on an option from the Column drop-down menu. Depending upon your criterion, you will then select from the next drop-down menu or enter text. In this example, County was the first selection and Adams was the second selection.
Click on Search.
All projects within Adams county will be displayed.
To filter the results, click the Add Criteria button to add additional criteria. In this example, the criteria Route was selected. Click Search and all projects with Adams and on Route 194 will be displayed. (Again, this is regardless of the status of the project)
You can continue to click the Add Criteria button to further filter your search.
Click the icon to delete a criterion.
Click Reset to clear the criteria and results.
Advanced Search
Click on Advanced Search to begin a search using more than one criterion to filter the results.
The Advanced Search screen will then be displayed.
Start the search by clicking a criterion from the Search By drop-down menu, select a Comparison, and select or enter a value.
Click Search.
To filter the results, click the Add Criteria button to add additional criterion. In this example, the additional criterion County equals Beaver was used. Click Search and all projects with the status of Candidate within Beaver county will be displayed.
Click the icon to delete a criterion.
Click Reset to clear the criteria and results.
Projects within a TYP/TIP
Click the Programs button in the menu.
To see if a project/phase is part of the current program, select a transportation mode by clicking the icon.
A TIP and/or TYP option will be displayed.
Click the icon to display the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) or Rural Planning Organization (RPO).
Click on the RPO/MPO link to display all projects, within the area selected, that is in the current program.
Project Information
To see general, legislative, milestone, and funding information regarding a specific project, click the Project Id link for the project you want to view.
The information regarding the project will be displayed.
Within this screen, general information about the project will be displayed.
Within this screen, the designated legislators within the location of the project will be displayed. Legislators that are interested, and are outside the political boundary, may also be displayed.
Within this screen, the milestone(s) and estimate or actual date(s) will be displayed for each phase of the project. Click the icon to show the milestone information for a phase. Click the icon to 'collapse' the phase milestone information.
What is a phase?
A phase(s) is created to establish funding and milestones for a project.
A project may include one or more of the following phases:
  • Study
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Final Design
  • Utility
  • Right of Way
  • Construction
  • Planning/Research/Administration
Within this screen, TYP/TIP information will be displayed for a project/phase. Data will only be displayed for a project/phase that is on a current TYP/TIP.
Mapping a Project
To see the location of a project, click on the Open in PennDOT One Map link.
The map for the project will be displayed.
PennDOT One Map is a separate application and is not part of the MPMS Public Site. For help documentation for this application, refer to the Help site.
Additional Help
If you need additional help using the MPMS Public Site, please . Email the Project Manager if you have questions regarding a project.